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One of the main purposes of this thread will be for me to share some hints on how to make the most of Toribash as a player.
Updates shall roll as often as the outside world lets me.

I'm going to start by sharing some tips, tricks, tools, tutorials, [T] WINS, etc that I've used through the times that may be a little less known, but that can make a big difference on your singleplayer performance.
I'll try to scale things so that there is some content useful for all levels of replay-makers.




Replay Recorder


First Person non-directed towards tori/uke

Altimeter and Speedometer

reSpar - Continue your multiplayer spars/parkours/etc if someone disconnected


Changing the engage distance in a replay that you already started

Freezing - Semi-advanced players

Dual Gravity Replays - Advanced players

How to turn Tori and Uke to each other when they are side by side in a mod

Tori - Uke Replay Merging

Ctrl+Z - Undo

Changing the match frames after you already started a replay

Ahh and feel free to post bugged/glitched replays here and I can try to fix them.
Also answering questions about whatever you ask that is Toribash related or not.
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We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
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We're still kids in buses longing to be free.
Awesome stuff man. I really like that you put in some stuff about hacking, because no one knows how to do it and no one has really made any in-depth tutorials about it. It's a facet of replaymaking that has been impenetrable for too long.
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Bookmarking this, it's info will definitely come in handy. Congratz on legend Oblivion! And ishi is providing revelations as always
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Also answering questions about whatever you ask that is Toribash related or not.

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any tips on replay making btw? (other than relax-all)

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