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I wish to be a clan member of Nitro... My name's Dominik, I'm 13, a very expirenced gamer, and i'm a black belt (very close to 2nd dan.) My rank is around 30,000 but could be a little better. Anyway, this is my second account. My first one was TheSKNinja. I abandoned it because I was worse on it leading me to have a bad win ratio and I didn't really like the name. I started play Toribash around two years ago and is now my most played game. I usually play anywhere from 3 : 30 to 6 during the weekdays. On the weekends I usually play in the afternoon to around 5 or 6 (btw,those weren't exact.) I live in Iowa and have GMT -5. The first clan I was in was Stoners. I left because I didn't like the leader basically just inviting tons randoms just so the clan would be alive.

My skill in my opinion is pretty good. I'm probably not the best in the clan but definatly not the worst! I used to be 2 on Greykido and around 5,000 in general win I was grinding for TC. Finally, I wish to help the clan and get better as an individual. Thank's for reading
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I was on vacation for a week my stupid brother was staying so I couldn't bring my computer please let me back in :[
Dear Flyace

Hi i would like to join Nitro,it seems like a awesome clan and i think i am a good person for this clan.I have been playing toribash for quite sometime now and i have been practicing to get better at this game.I am 11 years old.I work hard for everything i do.Even if it is hard i still try my best.If i make it into nitro i will try my heart out for anything that comes up.Even if i lose i will try my best the next time.I will train to make this clan better.If you let me into this clan you will not regret it.

Thank for reading this letter

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Just a warning guys we don't usually accept alts unless you have a good reason for it, so i don't really want to see "This is the alt i use for owning yellow belts"
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I invited a 2nd dan named lumari2 to the clan after fly left. He is good but I don't know if he is active on forums or not
Belt:2nd dan
mods:Taekkyon,mushu,wushu,zen-po,hapkido,lenshu and aikido
Skils:Being realistic

I am here not just for a tag,i am here for serve this clan,train and become even stronger,make new friends and help the clan to expand.
My name is Hadesone, I'm 18 years old and I'm a 3rd Dan. I started playing Toribash in 2011. I've been off and on for the past few years but I was in a very well known clan called Element (Ele). I was very active on the forums when I played with them. I was the unofficial recruiter/moderator. I did a lot for element such as train people and participate in clan wars.

I am 18, so I do have a job :/ but since I made the choice to apply for nitro I will dedicate my free time to toribash/the clan. However I don't work that many hours since I am a Senior in high school and will be graduating in 32 days.

Main Mods: Aikido, Element.tbm, Wushu/Mushu, (want to be more diverse)
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One Piece anyone?
i wish to join nitro because i feel that i can help the clan. i hope that im the right person for the job.
Falken if you truly want to join then I suggest that you follow the guidelines that are on the first page.
One Piece anyone?
I'd like join Nitro. I'm a Brown belt and i'm good at Aikido. My skill level is good and this clan is awesome. -CrazyMan20