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This thread is being made so people can stay up to date with TPL news and events. I will be hosting TPL events under the TORIBASH Network (TBN) name. By this, I mean that TPL isn't just connected to me anymore. I'm hoping that It'll become a league with multiple groups and tournament organizers in it. Not just me. So if you want to hold a tournament, be sure to post it here aswell as the events forum so I'll know about it (which mean I'll be able to record it or stream it) and other TPL supporters will know about it, too.

This is the most recent (and hopefully FINAL) version of the TPL Mod. It has been worked on for a year or longer and the players and I think this mod is finally done. The mod's been officially out for a week and EVERYONE is better than me already! Damn!

Have fun and be sure to practice for the TPL tournaments coming up. It seems like every Aikido/ABD/Greykido veteran is great at this mod so keeping your openers and execution sharp will only help you. Also, Rank 1 is changing hands ALL THE TIME! Nobody is #1 for long in this mod. I'm even getting addicted to ranking up and I MADE this damn mod lol. Goodluck and see you on the servers.

Enabled fracture
Enabled dismemberment
Increased dismember threshold of all joints from 325 to 500.
Set gravity back to ABD's setting of -30.00.
Set reaction time back to ABD's setting of 20.
Increased frames from 1000 to 1500.
Increased the friction of all pads from 10000.00 to 15000.00.
Increased the bounce of all pads from 0.100000 to 0.050000.
Changed out-of-dojo cylinders into boxes.
Removed four out-of-dojo corner pads.
Increased the thickness of middle pad then later Increased Middle pad height by 1.
Decreased middle pad size.
Gave all environment objects a darker tone.
Engage Distance increased from 80 to 100.
Lowered the Head hit point from 5 to 2.
Increased the point threshold from 20 to 50.
Increased the dismember threshold of the ankle, knee, wrist, elbow and shoulder joints from 500 to 1000.

TORIBASH Pro League Mod Point System GUIDE

TORIBASH Pro League Mod Point Threshold Meter GUIDE

Recent Mod Development Diaries:
TORIBASH Pro League Mod Patch 1.1 - Height Glitch FIXED
TORIBASH Pro League Mod Patch 1.2 - Pad Friction Increase and MORE
TORIBASH Pro League Mod Patch 1.3 - THE FINAL PATCH!?

Download the mod HERE or in the attachment below.
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[TPL] The BIG 4 – Week 1 (Hosted by TBN/Obey)
“The BIG 4” is going to be a new weekly tournament series that is run for TORIBASH Pro League. The tournament structure is basically an all day TB marathon. The players can choose what tournament they want to participate in, but I have to stream it all day (I'm going to assume that for now).

We will hold FOUR 16-Man Qualifier tournaments back-to-back. The 1st place winners of those 4 tournaments qualify into the finals tournament held at the end of the day to see who really is the #1 TPL player for that week.

Tournament #1 Start Time:
Saturday (4/26/2014) at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Saturday (4/26/2014) at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time
Saturday (4/26/2014) at 10:00 AM Mountain Time
Saturday (4/26/2014) at 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Tournament #2 Start Time:
Approximately 3:00 PM EST

Tournament #3 Start Time:
Approximately 6:00 PM EST

Tournament #4 Start Time:
Approximately 9:00 PM EST

Tournament Finals Start Time:
Approximately 12:00 AM EST

Room Names:
TPLroom1 (Max Players: 16)
TPLroom2 (Max Players: 16)
TPLroom3 (Max Players: 16)
TPLroom4 (Max Players: 16)
TPLroomFinals (Max Players: 4)

NOTICE: If they don't already exist on the server list, feel free to create the TPLroom2, TPLroom3 and TPLroom4 while the tournament in TPLroom1 is going on. It'll guarantee your spot in the upcoming tournaments after TPLroom1 and you'll be able to practice before you play. Also, if you lose in the first tournament, you can try again in the second, third and fourth qualifier tournament.

Finals Prizes
1st place: $50.00 (I'll send it to you through Paypal. I'll personally help you with the process if you're new to Paypal.)
2nd place: 50,000 TC
3rd place: 10,000 TC
4th place: 10,000 TC

The TPLmodv12 works BEST on TORIBASH 4.8

TwitchTV Live Stream will be HERE

Download the mod HERE or in the attachment below.
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