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[RMO] Applications


Everyone who is generally interested in the mod rk-mma.tbm is allowed to join the RK-MMA Organisation. BUT, we want to get known to you a little, so please fill out the little application form for that. Also please don't apply on alts, it just makes all the memberlist-updating unnecessarily aggravating.

Why do you want to join?:
Why do you like rk-mma.tbm?:
An own rating of your skill (1-10):
3 replays of you in rk-mma.tbm (not needed, but highly recommended):

Of course free forms are allowed and appreciated aswell.

Note for all full members : If anyone has a problem with an applicant or any concerns towards them, please let Destram or ViperTech know (pm or IRC #mma).
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Nick: nickbritt0
Age: 5587 days old
Skill Rating: 7-9 depending on the day
Why do you want to join?: rk-mma is probably my favorite mod, and I would love to be in an organization for it.
Y u like rkmma?: I looove no grab striking mods, and the gravity of rk-mma is the best for me, plus the ring size is great because you can kick/push people out, which makes it alot more interesting/fun
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Hi nick ! We talked already, would be nice to have you here. Welcome ! Nice replays, you definitely know how to play rk.

One little thing : Please add the own rating of your skill to your app, then we're fine.
Hey guys my name is Astral I'm 19, I come from France and I would like to join RMO because I just discover this mod and this is really interresting I'm really bad at wushu, mushu, judo and all that type of mod but Rk-MMA is more dynamic with high gravity and I love the presence of the ring, this is more exiting ^^ I want to improve in that mod and that's why I want to join, my English is pretty bad but I'm sure we can get relevant conversation and sure, meet us ingame
about rating my skill... I discover this mod but I got all 4th dan experience so I would say 7/10 to not praise myself ^^
about replay: I made it few minutes ago at the same time I discover ^^

-I selected the first replay because of he's fluidity and to highlight my versatility (Pretentious )
-the second replay contain a great save and a good pursuit ^^
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Heyho guys so I'm TheAnimal.
I'm 20 Years old and ready for a Comeback at Toribash.
rk-mma is, in my opinion one of the best modes to get the rust of your old rusty joints
It helps you to improve your Freestyle and Comeback skills.
This is why i like this mode so much.
Atm I'm like a 6/10 in rk-mma maybe even a lot worse (depends on luck)

Also you get like my only mma rpl
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(Nick)name : Obscu ( former Pwnzafahra got a namechange )

Age : 24

Why do you want to join? : i dont know why i didnt join already but yeah, i know alot of people in the org and i think i should play more rk in general, this org seems to be the way to go to "up" my activity in the mod.

Why do you like rk-mma.tbm? : mostly because its a nograb mod, love the gravity.
i always liked rk-mma even though i play more wushu than rk.

An own rating of your skill (1-10) : pretty hard to rate myself. id say somewhere beween 5-7/10 depending on alot of factors.

i currently have 1 replay that i know off , and its an old one.
im sure i got more somewhere in my autosave but it would be impossible to find them.

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[06:53]Sissykick: my friend was the hottest drag queen in the group.