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2nd Place Tourney Prizes
I was wondering if the default tourneys can get 2nd place prizes. I mean sometimes it can be hard to get into the finals for those tourneys, but the finalists at least both deserve prizes.

500 TC tourneys : 2nd place 150 - 250 TC
750 TC Tourneys : 2nd place 350 - 450 TC
1000 TC Tourneys : 2nd Place 450 - 500 TC
(Those are just my estimations on what 2nd place should earn)
It's just extra work, and really, you should earn the tc by winning, not by coming second.
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I mean, shouldn't the 2nd place person deserve a prize? They worked their way up to the finals.
half is way too much, then there's no point in playing the last game at all.

whenever i host i generally do a 70/30 split, i think it's plenty fair, and its rewarding enough to the first place winner.

ie: 10k prize total, 7k/3k etc


If there is 5 players you only have to win once to get second place.isn't that bit too easy ? ; (
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Those auto-tourneys occur so frequently that there's already an insane amount of tc being generated from that. Besides, tournaments start when there are 5 people in the queue (I don't think that should change), so sometimes the winner only plays 2 games and comes out with like 1000tc. With a second prize as you're suggesting, you could play 2 games, only win 1 of them and come out with 500tc. There are plenty of GM and community hosted tournaments that offer second place (and sometimes 3rd for hot seats and stuff) I don't think it's necessary to add this to the auto-tourney servers.
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If there is 5 players you only have to win once to get second place.isn't that bit too easy ? ; (


Also, it will make people farm.
2nd place prize
Would it be possible to give a small amout of tc to a runner up in a tourney? like 10% of the actual prize

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Pretty pointless, as it makes it more fun in tourneys when it's winner takes all. There's been way too many threads about people earning more in-game tc imo, if you can't earn in-game try marketing or making art.
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