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RaNaRo154's Tribal Head Shop
TEMPORARILY CLOSED (due to loss of sales and no new stock, please check back at another time!)
Welcome to ma shop!

All my heads are 250, but if they're not made well enough they'll be 50 tc.

ill start off with my new dragon head

Dragon - sold to shaoo
Evil - 250 tc
Evil Alien - 250 tc
Horned Tribal - 250 tc
tribal skull - 50 tc (I know it sucks bawls lol, skulls too big )
Tribal Visor - 250 tc
masked Tribal - Sold to Geast
Tribal Visor 2 - 250 tc
Evil Smilling Tribal - sold to supastveo
Evil Mad Tribal - 250 tc, name for free

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one toxic tribal head annd please dont upload from phtobucket when posting my head i cant see them
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Sure, ill get right on it, ill try uploading from imagedump

nvm can't from imagedump, its from imageshack

New Head! Evil ( i had no other name lol)
New Head! Evil Alien!
New Head! Horned Tribal!
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First of all, read the section pertaining to bumping in the Market rules. Especially the bit about "24 hours".

Second of all, try to extend the tribal designs to the sides and back of the head more. As it is the back is rather bland.

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Thx, kbasher
New Head! Masked Tribal!
New Head! Tribal Visor 2!
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these are really good prices, but too bad no1 will be able to see my head seeing that I have no head texture