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Tsukiomi being bad at toribash
Please help me, I've never really been good at tricking. I just want some tips, some ideas. I have a lot of fun doing this, so I wanna get better. Here are two replays, nothing special but I hope you guys can tell me what should be fixed or what I'm doing right.
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Tsuk - Time Is Money[Trick].rpl (163.8 KB, 33 views)
Tsuk - Help me [Trick].rpl (262.6 KB, 27 views)
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You're not that bad tbh, especially against replays like mine(attachment, compare the two). Youve got alright flow and a good pose at the end of each replay with tricks inbetween, bam, you gotta an alright replay at least. For a more deeper look in things, I feel you wave your arms about excessively, but, how you perform tricks is good even if the transitions can be improved a wee bit. You're not bad! Keep it up, practice is for perfection!
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I think your flips looked great, tsuki. And pretty much everything else, too.
-30 is challenging, but I think your jumps are starting great.
The replay's just to show that your tricks aren't really that easy.
Also, hi again.
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Thanks you guys, I really enjoy hearing this. I did realize that my arms tend to move too much and look strange. Here is a self-spar, I don't think is was the best. I tried to stay focused on both tori's, but I did get a little lazy ant some points and its kinda visible.
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Tsuk - Am I back? [spar].rpl (698.8 KB, 18 views)
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Nice Spar, there are just a few things you should try to change.

Try to move both tori's at the same time and not just control one while the other sits in a pose.

At 1700-1710 you were on your head with uke, try not do do moves like that.

I liked the backflip you did nice job.

That kick you did with uke at 1241 was cool and everything but the reaction you did with your tori was a tad bit late. If you had of made the reaction exactly when you kick your tori it would of looked better than it was. Choosing a front flip as a reaction was a cool idea btw.

Most of the dodges you did during this spar was cool gr8 job m8.

I loved the head rip off for the K.o for that you get a 10/10.

You seem like you have alot of interesting ideas for sparring you'll get far with this stuff you just need to tidy it up a bit and you're the best.

Hi btw.
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you're the best.

Hi btw.

Hai, I kno I'm bestest. But thanks man, I'm trying to get into sparring once again. I kinda noticed these issues later on in the replay and I'm a lazy bastard so lol. Thanks man, needed this
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Getting back into parkour. Really loving Toribash again, heres another replay. Not too great, but I'm really trying to get back into it.
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You're also welcome to love my Replays
How about: scoop-cork-flik flak-cartwheel-backflip

PS: I don't mean a cartwheel, just can't find how its called in english. i mean this

Or try to make a Butterfly kick /Butterfly Twist
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