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How/Why to use this board?:

This board is solely for the purpose of writing/reading tutorials.
If you want to write a tutorial, read the instructions below and make sure you're following the rules (eg. adding your tag).
Kindly, use this thread to request for a tutorial. And check the tutorials index before you make/request one.

Additionally, for any questions on anything tutorial related, do not hesitate to send private message to any moderator of this section.


The Rules
The global rules apply as always.

Tutorial Board Specific Rules
1) Useless Posts
Useless posts are a basic rule violation, posts such as 'Thanks' or 'Good tutorial' are useless.

Any post that does not contribute to the thread shall be deleted or warned.

2) Requests
Requests go into the requests thread.

3) Questions
Support issues and questions about Toribash should go into support or the beginners sanctuary.

4) Tags
Tags are mandatory, use the most fitting tag for your tutorial from the following list:

  • [Art]
  • [Game]
  • [Forum]
  • [Script]
  • [Other]
  • [Scripting]

These tags are new. If you have any suggestions for new ones, please PM a moderator of this board or another relevant staff group.
Failing to follow the rules may get you a warning, infraction or your thread deleted/closed.

The Rules - Portuguese

The Rules - Russian

The Rules - German

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