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Hi everyone !

Ask for a texture and i'll do it for you, but i'm not a pro' and if you don't like it, gonna sell it here ! :o

I'm selling Head textures 128x128 and 512x512 'cause i need some TC and i love making textures. c: (Even if a do not own a tablet. T^T)

Head 1 SOLD

Head 2

Head 3 SOLD

Head 4 SOLD


Head 6

Head 7 SOLD

Head 8 SOLD

Head 9

Head 10

Head 11

Head 12

Head 13 SOLD

Head 14 SOLD

Head 15 SOLD

Head 16 SOLD

Head 17 SOLD

Head 18 SOLD

Head 19 SOLD

Head 20 SOLD

Head 21 SOLD

Head 22 SOLD

Head 23 SOLD

Head 24 SOLD

Head 25 SOLD

Head 26 SOLD

Head 27

Head 28 SOLD

Head 29

Head 30

(I'm now known as Trayzonne, that's why.) I'm Syl56 but "Trayzonne" rocks more than "Syl56" !

By the way, you can gimme a price and i'll see if it's correct for what I've done. Let's make business !
I hope you some good trades !

PS : I recently bought a new phone and with a stylus i made the 30th head, i hope you like that style, i prefer it than the mouse style !
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There are many pictures y'know, i wanted to show the head in the entirely awesomeness it is. I'll show the first pic' of each one, then, y'can click on the links to get more pic' !
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