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Nice :O Maybe in that second battle you shouldn't have Mega'd Ampharos since it could have gotten killed
Well new gen announced, might be the final one

I really hope they bring something new to the table, the past few gens have been getting kind of stale apart from graphics improvements and mega evolutions which was actually really cool
I hope so too, as far as mechanics go, they have improved, I wish I could say Pokemon have done so too, but they haven't, they don't know what to draw anymore smh
yall ready for the pokemon sun and moon!!! *fangirlish screech* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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I'm ready to sit in the Smogon Pokemon IRC for the rest of my days until I get some exclusive leaks. Then I can die a happy man.

Wanted Mega Raikou but I guess a potential new typing and new Pokemon are cool too.
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Fear sucks eggs
If anyone wants to add me for a little OR/AS tussle or some showdown I'm game! Pm me for my skype c: clarify who you are though. just so i dont reject it. also I can GEN pokemon in OR/AS if you want any fancies just tell me and ill gladly trade you them <:
I am evil.
Cheetah keeps making shitty teams and I'm awesome, so nothing new

Special TTar with Scarf is love
iFred replays
Where's iFred at?