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[REL] Mirrors Edge Parkour
Pretty basic parkour mod, I tried to get the most realistic parkour feeling I could think of, hence the long flat surfaces for more running.

Lots of thanks to Mocucha for making the video

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Oh my god! This is just...just...masterpiece! I can't describe my emotions. I dreamed about this map so long time. More than parkour, more than map. Godlike/10
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Great mod, it was really challenging making the replay, I learnt a hell lot of new stuff from this alone.
All I have to say is that I think the obstacles in the beginning are kind of random and the buildings
we ran on before the zipline could've had something better. Great job and keep it up! Looking
forward to more challenging mods
Parkour like you've never seen before:
Holy mother of fucking wow

Kay all weekend i'm spending on this

Just amazing mod, nothing other than that i can say.

If you guys want to make replays on this mod i could compil them in a showcase video.

My Youtube channel : Mocucha Toribash

welp, time to test out my freerunning skills...
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This is awesome!!!!!

My Replay for this mod (Make more mods, I love them )
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