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[OSHI] Application Thread

Welcome to the application thread for OSHI. At OSHI we do not look for anything specific in an application. We just want to get to know the applicant and find out where he/she excels at.

Fill out the following:
  • Your name (or how you would like to be called):
  • Age:
  • Activity in-game (1-10):
  • Activity on the forums (1-10):
  • Few things about yourself outside of Toribash:
  • Strengths in Toribash (I.E. replays, art, texture, etc.). As well as information including, but not limited to: favorite mod, your belt, etc.:
  • Examples of your work (at least 3):
  • Have you read the disclaimer?


Please refrain from posting in this thread at the moment. I am just keeping it here so I do not have to retype everything.
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