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Making 3D objects for toribash

This is a tutorial on how to make 3D objects for toribash, the items will only display locally, so you can see them in-game, but others won't be able to see your items when you go on multiplayer. This is mainly for art, videos and fun.
since many use different sort of 3D applications I won't go too much in to details about the programs, and I will try to keep this as simple as humanly possible so you won't get confused.

1. Software

2. Making the 3D object

3. File format and naming

4. preview it in toribash



Video tutorial:
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Are there any other parts except head and arm (where those gm band goes) which supports 3d object?
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You can use the whole body.

OBJ0: Bodypart to modify. The number after OBJ denote the bodypart ID (OBJ0 = head, OBJ1 = breast)
Refer:[Tutorial]Improved Item.dat Editing Tut

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This must be official. I mean we need an item that lets us use our custom objects for game.
I know it will cause some problems but its just an idea. And would be cool.
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The servers get frequently clogged up as it is. Having to save even bigger files such as custom 3D items would make matters worse.
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QuickQuestion--- will this work with any 3d modeling applications?

Yes, as long as you can save as .obj

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This must be official. I mean we need an item that lets us use our custom objects for game.
I know it will cause some problems but its just an idea. And would be cool.

Toribash items has to be done in a certain way for multiplayer to not lag out the game, and they have strict limitation to polygon count, item size and texture size. As well as no items should overlap joints. Therefore making anyone able to make items for multiplayer would be a bad idea
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Will you be able to put it on different body parts? like swords? but it cant do anything?
I was thinking of making an AoT (Attack on titan) vid and swords are the only thing thats keeping me back, So can you?
Or is it only for the head?

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Ok, now read the OP, section 4.1

Also, you can preview objects with the /obj command.

/obj load custom/uke/example.obj playerid bodyid colorid alpha textured dynamic partless ghosted. (Everything explained in the op)

/obj loadfull custom/uke/example.obj - Previews the object on all bodyparts with random colors
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just take the number from the bodypart you want and place it in

OBJ(number of bodypart)
so lets say for your sword you want it in the right hand, ok lets find the number of the right hand (look below) ok the number is 11
ok so then your code is
OBJ11; 1 0 255 1 0 0 0 (1 0 255 1 0 0 0 can be replaced to what ever you like, look OC)

Here are the numbers of the bodyparts.
0 [Head] 1 [Breast] 2 [Chest] 3 [Stomach] 4 [Groin] 5 [Right Pec] 6 [Right Bicep] 7 [Left Tricep] 8 [Left Pec] 9 [Left Bicep] 10 [Left Tricep] 11 [Right Hand] 12 [Left Hand] 13 [Right Butt] 14 [Left Butt] 15 [Right Thigh] 16 [Left Thigh] 17 [Left Shin] 18 [Right Shin] 19 [Right Foot] 20 [Left Foot]
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