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Welcome To My Candy Store static smells

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*The Replays look better if you /dl Candy (Thats me)
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It's alright, Really nice and powerfull punches. The opener was nice, only a bit generic. I didn't like the part after the punches, it looked too stiff. otherwise it was a pretty cool replay. You could have gotten that last punch to a boom though.

|Opener by Xioi|#KillTheScootCork|
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i feel like i've already seen this replay a few times, maybe its a little bit generic. It still flows very well and the punches are very clean :3
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pretty replay I like it and I give it 9/10 the improvement is :make something cool in the end like don't leave it opened make flips make decap of yourself but I like the punches and the other things except the last thing only needs improvements
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this sloppy replay i did the opener i thought was pretty cool but hard to build on any way im gonna try to upload a replay once a week the name says it all
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Alright. So. The replay was all around pretty stiff, relax those limbs more often. There wasnt really much transition between dm's, you just kinda went for them without thinking about appeal. Hell, you could make a really smooth replay and get only, hell, a hand dm and I would approve.

Just get on the smooth bits and worry less about the dm's.

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Decent opener, but it really wasn't anything special. I like double knees though and you nailed that part. The second kick wasn't really a kick as much as a contraction, but it got a decent boom. Try to work on being less stiff, and as combat said, work more on the presentation and less on the bloody aspect of toribash. It's not great, but it's not bad either.

Oh, and when you pose, try not to do the "fully extended hips and knees, half contracted elbows look". It's really generic (and pretty cliché for newer replaymakers) and as you progress, you'll be wondering why you did it XD

In my opinion, a pose like this is much more attractive (and it really only took about 3 minutes of editing). It looks much more relax and less forced. Really, it just looks more badass. I hope you don't mind.
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thx for the tips and i don't mine i am currently working on another version when im done telll me what u think
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