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[WAPOW] Recruitment Thread (read first post)

WAPOW was created for fun.
We recruit players with good intentions who are polite and respectful. We do not allow harassment of any kind.
Regular play and at least a weekly forum update is required. We do not need dead-weight in our clan!
We are looking for active players who want to join in and have fun.

Post your free-form application in this thread, meaning write it any way you'd like.


Lazy applications will be ignored. Alts/Smurfs will not even be considered. Minimum belt is black belt any applicants below that will be insta-denied.

What do you have to offer WAPOW?

What's your favorite mod?

How often do you play?

Do you post regularly in forums?

Do you check and respond to your PMs?

Tell us about your Toribash experience.

WAPOW relies on Discord to keep in touch with each other.

Effort is a good indicator of how badly you want in, so put some thought into your application.

We will consider your good character and skill, show us that you have both of these.

Your real life is important too. Tell us about your skills, age, hobbies, sports, social groups etc.

Don't assume that because you have a friend in the clan you will gain a free pass or easy entrance.

We will usually take a few days to consider and then let you know.

It is very important that you join us in-game and get to know us.
Type /rf (enter) then /sa WAPOW (enter) in your TB client.

Note to everyone that wants to apply to Wapow.

It's not our job to recruit you, it's your job to get recruited. We have one of the best warring teams around, and we're a big family of friends. We won't miss out on you. However, if you think you deserve to be a part of us, it's your job to make sure you fit in. Join our discord, play with us in-game, be generally cool (being banned will get you insta-denied). Making an app is required if one of the Council do not recruit you personally, only to get to know the real you.


Good luck, and welcome to WAPOW!

One last thing, so that we know that you are paying attention.
You must make the very last line in your post:
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So, do I post here or on the Big Red Button that says: Apply here to join Wapow?
well ima put it here anyway:
Hey Wapers! Hey FlameSmash, Hey PimpKilla, Hey HiddenVoid, Hey Krulls, And whoever in the world who is Reading this App.

Guess I gotta get to the app ;-;
K, so im Tully and I wanna apply for Wapow because you helped me when I needed it in Godly of course and just cause you guys are kewl. I know you all know that I know that you Know that im good. I also think you guys are active and high ranked. My favorite mod is Aikido Big Dojo on Toribash. I am SUPER forum active, in fact that is my favorite thing to do I use it a lot. I respond on forums to pms and things like that. I got a group called Propeller Team, so that proves how much I use it. Ima grammar Nazi so you spelled
"Do you check and respond to you PMs?" without an r in you. I play Soccer but I got lots of time in tb to play. Hope I get accepted! Btw my skype name is MrChicken, basically i'll add you
-Luv Tully
(Wapow <3)
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I fixed the misspelling, or did you not notice?
Thanks for the heads up bro, grammar and spelling are very important to me too.

You might rather say WAPOWers than Wapers XD.
And, I personally would address members in the order, Krulls, Flamesmash, Eltyion and PimpKilla (According to Rank).

I know that you are a great warrior, but...
As I said in the main WAPOW thread:

Originally Posted by Krulls
A key part of joining this clan is getting to know our members.
As you know there are WAPOWs everywhere in-game, find us and let's see how we fit together.

To find our members in-game type /rf [Enter] then /sa WAPOW [Enter]

We should be quite active tomorrow, see you then.

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Hello wapow leader.My name is Stepan.So my username is griDx24.My belt is black.So i like this clan because peoples there play good.I like to join.My favorite mods is judo, judo frac and mushu.I play good at judo and judo frac.Sorry for bad english i not from english speaking country good bye and have fun.
Looking forward to some nice, long, juicy apps on our NEW RECRUITMENT THREAD!
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We have plenty of people that aren't English in our clan and they've made better posts, sorry bro but it's a lazy app and I think it would be unanimous. So from me at least its an auto deny.
Don't believe in a cripple cause he'll prove you wrong.
Originally Posted by PimpKilla View Post
We have plenty of people that aren't English in our clan and they've made better posts, sorry bro but it's a lazy app and I think it would be unanimous. So from me at least its an auto deny.

Man, i think if its true i have 2nd chance?
You can repost to make it better, but if it's denied again, you'll have to wait a month or so to try again.
Don't believe in a cripple cause he'll prove you wrong.
My 2nd aplication.
Hello my toribash friends.My name is Stepan.My Username is GriDx24 i have a black belt.I always check my pms.My skype is griD_x24(like my username =D)My belt is Black.I have no friends in its clan and it so sad but i think every people have chance.I like playing judo and judofrac.I play good at it.I win ~10 tournaments or more.My activity on forum is 5/10 because i come from school at 14:00.But in game is 7/10.Yeah my time playing toribash not much, but i think its enough.My character is not so bad.I dont have previous clans(so sad...).Good bye my friends.P.S this is my players cardI want to join clan because ive seen players of it many times and they play good.I skiing in my normal life.
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i play every 2end week my favirite mod is jousting and ima broun belt i wuld be good in clan wars and im good at shoveling so plz acc ty