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Greetings to all.

Once playing Toribash a while ago i thought of the idea of introducing an "Knock-out" option to the game. This "Kock-out" happens when a player takes a strong/noticeable strike to the head which causes the person receiving a "knock-out" or getting "Knocked-out" the player then becomes fully relaxed and is unable to move for a certain time/ frames.

Looking for more feedback on this idea and other thoughts that should be introduced into the game.

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This would be awesome. Let's say

Knockout: 1/0

It would be odd, although I do like the idea... ...butttt overall, I don't think that it will be widely enough used or worth it to be implemented. Toribash never really has a good function for things like this.
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Thanks taking the time to read my idea and reply!

I think for the Boxing game play it would be great!! Yet again I'm trying to snowball an idea I had in 2010...
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This sounds very interesting; I'd like it as a toggleable-option for certain mods.
It look nice in a wushu match, or spirit wrestling to name a few.
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I think that being able to customise things like knockout-turnframes and knockout-threshhold would be important. I also think that maybe this could be an option for all joints in some mods where the joint itself is relaxed for that period of time. I feel like being able to immobilise joints temporarily in this way in mods with tend to last longer would be preferable to the fracture system which tends to end up being more annoying than realistic. Maybe I am overthinking this (as I often do with such suggestions) but I feel like it would be a stylish way to reward ambitious attacks in mods where such moves are risky without it devolving into whoever gets the first snap kick dm inevitably wins (the fact that the joint/whole body is relaxed only temporarily allows players to recover if they are in a good enough position to start with). I am not exactly sure how the damage/force system works with fractures and dms so I can't really say how it would work, but I think it would be important that only actual kicks/punches could score knockouts rather than just applying enough force to the head/joint with a grab.

Sorry if I got overexcited, I honestly think this sort of mechanic would help advance the game's style and realism. Think about how ridiculously awesome the Wushu Punch preinstalled replay looks and imagine if that could happen at least every couple dozen fights or so. To me, this sort of subtlety is what toribash is in need of, I meant, fractured joints look hilarious and dismembered limbs tend to end up looking absurd. Giving mod makers the option to trade fractures for knockouts would be very exciting to me.
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I completely agree with what you're saying!!

And no way the more feed back the better! Plus the Wushu Punch preinstalled replay is a perfect example where we could be incorporating these features!
I think this could work out really well in some mods but others i dont think it would be good. Like if you were playing TK i dont think this would be a good idea but i think it would be really good for like those boxing mods idk what they are called. I like this idea it would put a really different step of realism to the game and i think that would be pretty cool

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Very nice idea. Would love to see this in boxing mods and maybe wushu as well. However, if it is incorporated into the Toribash system, the knockout threshhold would hve to be less then that of a decap but greater than a frac. May be tricky to implement, but still interesting.

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I think it might be a bit difficult to implement but think of the possibilities for a spar. Instead of telling the person to relax after getting hit in the head it happens on it's own. Sounds really interesting.

it would be really annoying in a spar, I doubt people would use it. I think that the full body knockout should only happen with force applied to the head rather than the neck joint (which is what fracs or dms so yeah...) and it should just be based on damage (points) done to the head. And perhaps making it so you can't get re-knockedout while already out so that you don't just end up relaxing all for ages with the opponent just repeatedly face punching you in mods without easy dqs.
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