Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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... damnit. I'm finally washed off the book ;_;

just get it agaiin dude this is like the easiest record ever :d
oh yeah
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I doubt he is interested in this record.

He pretty much wants nothing to do with Distance Records iirc.

I might give this a go whenever I get home. Expect it to get done anywhere between 20 minutes and 6 months.
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I think I'm close to beating you now. At the very least I've hit 3700, maybe 3800, I need to redo the replay at a smaller ED to make sure. I could probably break 4000 if I improve how quickly I generate momentum in the beginning. Might have it up within the day, depending if my guess on current distance is accurate and if I'm not too lazy to redo the replay.

Edit: still need to work on it. Not yet 3800, and I refuse to beat a record that could probably hit 5000 when it's not even at 4000 yet by any interval smaller than 100.
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nyan :3
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