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Ealtrik(Aiona,Dramel)Last Replay Thread

So my last thread was posted on a different account.
If you want to see some replays from that thread here's this thing.

All I ask is for real CNC. I don't want "that replay was bad" Or "That replay was good, I liked the kick thing" Give me actual advice, or point out flaws.
Also here is what I consider my not so bad replay:
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I think that all in all the manipulation was okay.
First, I didn't like that chest rotation after the non dm kick, it looks kind of weird. I think you could have relaxed chest and with your arms and pecs do a smoother turn over.
Maybe the third manipulation hit could have been more efficent. Start that hit just some frames before.
The slipt was cool BUT, the kick wasn't fluid. After you got that split your leg stoped in the middle of the way. You should let your leg flow and then pose.
Maybe not trying to be hit in the head by ukes parts would be cool. It would show supperiority and known of the tori-movement.
I think you could have many cooler posses than that one. Still ok.

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