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[S] Saevus Audio Inc
Welcome To Saevus Audio Inc

Here at Saevus Audio we like to give you the high quality audio for a low price!

First you can either:
► Buy a pre-made audio.
► Order a custom made audio.
- I can do pretty much whatever it is you want me to do.

For customized audio fill out this form:
1. Type of audio file: |Kiai|Grab|Hit|DQ|Etc|
2. A link to the audio:
3. The part you want of the audio:
4. What you would like to pay:
Or you can just write a description of what you want, but please make sure I can understand it! Additionally you may just send me a private message detailing what it is you want.

For pre-made audio and examples, click on this link →
Once you have found the kiai(s) or sound(s) that you want list what you would like to pay.

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How much for The Illest kiai?
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How does 1k sound?
Actually nah. You pick the price, whatever you want haha
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Added some more Kiais.
Will continue to add more over time. Song suggestions? I'm not really sure what kind of music the Toribash community prefers. xD
saevus you can use my "be gentle" kiai if you would like ;o
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