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Victortb replays thread
i decided to start uploading some of my replays.
also,most of them are ukebashing/madmans
check the last pages for better replays.

#victortb - single - shift for force.rpl

#victortb - single - kicks from the timef.rpl
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I liked more the way you bashed uke in the second one, in the first one some parts werent that fluent
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decap kick awesome
I don't like the way your arm ghosted. Your neck was also relaxed. stop the head bobbing x)
The replay was generally good however. kick was cool and all

pung-kick awesome
Slow opener made me feel like I was like wushu. I liked the speed in the replay, but the transition to the third kick was a bit. Also, hold your neck.
Replay was good, ditto ditto ditto.
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DECAP KICK AWE: Try do more stylish moves. but your decap is cool...

PUNG-KICK AWE: cool... i like all but try edit the third kick.