That was neat.
I enjoyed this replay, I must say. There was a couple of quirks here and there though.
The opener was pretty standard, and the lift didn't appeal to me that much.
Manipulation part was dank.
The grab looked a bit awkward. Not a big deal though.
DMs are really nice. You did bruise your head though. :C
Good shit.
ORMO|Replays n' stuff|RIP Monk

this was more messing around than anything but i guess i'll post it anyway

don't even cnc this
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that replay was really cool.

the manip was pretty cool and the final boom hit was awesome.

I enjoyed the switch player sort of thing too. 9.5/10
Desolate: Ooooooh~ I like it. You lovetapped yourself with your foot in the beginning there, and that was a little distracting, but I quickly got over it. The dms were good, and I liked the boom via uke's foot. The only thing I really have too large of a quarrel with is the fact that you kinda exploded at the end : / Otherwise, it's great.
so the opener made you get into an awkward position doing the lift because you didn't really have momentum at all going into the lift then you took a unique turn and did a pre dank manip with some flare kicks making him spin but you were very stiff on the upper body, like your arms were extended nearly throughout the entire manip keep your arms closer to you for more speed and you can control the direction your tori is with your shoulders if you are sideways or upside down while in the air, you ghosted frame 300 which wasn't nice. you finish manip by nearly killing momentum and kicking closest target to your hand, now that's your choice on where to hit first but in my eyes i see it as "wouldn't it be smarter to kick the thing your not holding and work up?"
but that's just how i would do it.
anyway, you then let go and were in this weird ass position trying to grab him again and when you do you use the same leg to kick which again is a preference thing but alot of people see it as bad or something idfk.
last kick could have been better on dms like srs you just stopped trying there.

neat spin after kick cool pose

might cnc again if something catches my eye worth cncing
R.I.P Dog | mediocre at best

the spin in the opener is neat.

the split too,maybe to near cuz ur shin touched uke.

the 2 dm was ok and I'm fine with the ground dm.

overall nice but nothing special 8/10.