skull snapper gerb.rpl
fam I dub cork

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It's against the rules to post a replay in someone else's replay thread without permission

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also conserve your momentum better
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^land a double cork like that irl and show me the pic of your broken bones.

Cool overall glimps, love your stuff like usual
this toribash shit is getting too easy

edit: made a stalled one too
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backflip unback.rpl (103.2 KB, 70 views)
stalled unback.rpl (87.1 KB, 45 views)
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what have you done glimpsed, god fucking damnit now i'm gonna play around with this shit, fuck you
Cool shit though
did dub full from standing

the sidesteps are necessary because I travelled a bit to the right, so maybe that also means there's a better way of doing this where I don't waste any momentum and stomp it

btw why didnt anyone care when I landed full in back out I swear that's a worlds first??/? This community is getting lame

removed the celebration at the end of my full in back out

edit: its ugly but i fully landed the dub full lmao, went a bit over 2 spins too
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full in back out.rpl (337.8 KB, 43 views)
dublefullstandingstomp.rpl (169.5 KB, 41 views)
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Nice job. Is the tricktionary still being updated? I haven't kept up with it at all
Very cool nonetheless, Im surprised people are still trying new ticks

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this toribash shit is getting too easy

edit: made a stalled one too

I am convinced tricking has become good
oh yeah
thank you pusga, good to see you about again.

here's me reversing a spin, I could get past the 180 mark but I'm struggling to reverse a full 360 spin.
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bird in the sand?

so sorta like
burying a burd on a beech

Ah I see I cracked the code
some people refer to their penis as a bird
a beach is clearly african american (golywog)
slang for a bitch or hoe

your trying to tell me that on a public toribash family friendly cuddles and kisses zone for underage youngsters,
your'e talkin bout

this replay made you feel like fucking sluts in butts

good tricking replay id rate 7-8-9 /10 you can decide which one
because afterall, Allah gave us free will and the right to choose

plan A

its Awesome to have seen you develop so much as a replay maker.

I don't think you have any idea how badly I want to delete this post, but I'm pretty sure this is still a valid contribution. Fuck you for making me read that with my eyes.
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