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[Toribash] Single Player Cup 2015


In this event the single player artists will compete against each other, to see who's the best replay maker of the year MMXV


This event is divided to several stages. The first stage is a qualifier to the main event.

Group stage - Free for all - 32 entrants. Round's best was Fallu!
First Round - Floor is Lava - Round's best was Jisse!
Second Round - Robin Hood Challenge - Round's best was Jisse
Third Round - The Speed Challenge - Round's best was fudgiebalz
Fourth Round - The Enviromental Challenge - Round's best was Tsuion
The Finals - The Highlander Chanllenge / The Chrismas Spirit Challenge This years winner is Tsuion

Here's list of artists who are still in the Cup!


1st Full set of 512 joint textures, Trophy Item & achievement & 3D/hair item of yopur choice & Toriprime + VIP
2nd Full set of 265 joint textures, 3D/hair item of your choice* & Toriprime + VIP
3rd Full set of 128 joint textures, 3D/hair item of your choice* & Toriprime

*Does not apply to limited edition ones.


This event will be judged by: Nuthug, pusga and Nearly


Send your freshly made "Free for all" replay to Dargon.

He will then purge the names from replays to avoid any kind of personal bias, and judges will pick 32 best replays out of the lot.

Deadline is 6th of October. 6.10.2015 / 10.6.2015

Good luck.

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When is Deadline for Fresh one? Oh Oct 4 :3 Shit I wish I was awesome at SP Replays cuz the prizes are awesome as fuuuuuuuck! Thank you guys! This'll be so awesome especially if I win I'll do my best to be able to join.
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I shall enter i like the achievement thing

What is meant by free for all?
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Pm me for help or if you have any questions.
Awesome event. Fantastic prizes there. I'll surely try. How do I send to you in particular though?
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I'll give it a shot
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