Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Hylephobia stuff
Welcome to not so mainstream replay thread.

Epilepsy is the new fluidity

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copz 2.0:

the opener looked weirdly flowy. i liked it

the spin to the split was fast and that was cool. i feel like the first kick could've gotten a 2 dm

the 2 dm you actually got was really really good looking

the way you hit the head with the same leg was awesome

cool pose



the first 40ish frames looked pretty stiff but everything after that in the transition was smooth and spiny

the decap and double pecs was sexy

cool random arm dms

Practicing to improve my dm speed
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oh sh*t!!!

real quick before i start, i don't like at all how you moved after you already kind of had a pose, you should have left it. the pose itself was good, i just have a problem of how you got there, because you had to move quite a bit after you could have had a pose before that.
also, never been a fan of that looking up after pose thing that you did, but that's just me

fuckin dig that opener, there was a point where your arm ghosted through your leg and you tried to raise your arm out of the way and it looked pretty awkward at around 430
love the decap, very clean and didn't look weird

overall good replay, only thing i really have a problem with is the pose, other than that great dude
Thanks Demon.

welp this might be my last replay. I did it while crying.
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k, i got time to do another one.

This one is hacked at the last dm with the skeet, it was impossible to dm so ye. Not so good at hacking tho
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