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[ME] Lose Yourself To Dance!
Hello and welcome to a very special and unique Monastery Event!

This Event isn't as competitive as other Monastery Events..
it's more a replay request with some nice giveaways
The only thing you need is the sense of rhythm.

Make a nice replay where you dance, alone, with uke or with a friend in multiplayer.. no matter.
When you finish the dance, post the replay in this thread.
At the end we will collect the best replays and Mocucha make a nice vid.

This is the Song for the Vid:

Daft Punk - Lose yourself to dance (DJ Plastikat mix) (120 BPM)

bpm: 120
60 frames per second / 2 beats per second
so every 30 frames you have a beat..
take care to this fact by doing your replay.

-Only one entry per participant-
-Don't steal anybody's work-
-No premade replays-
-You are allowed to hack your replay-
-You can choose any mod you want to-
(perhaps you want to dance on the top of a building or you want to show us how a scorpion can dance)
-If you choose a special mod, please post the mod as well-
-Name your replay like this:

We need a hell of a lot of replays for this event. But we still want to have good quality.
We judge on style and sense of rhythm. So give it your best to become a part of the vid!

Everyone who makes it into the vid will receive 2k TC!

Also the best three dancers get a prize on top..

Flame: Glowing Junk + Propeller Hat
Forged by Colors on 2015-06-29 01:13:34 for the Groin (3751).

Portable Cassette + #Swag Cap

Deal With It + Minihawk

22nd of November 2k15

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great i'll do something soon :c
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
Originally Posted by NoKi1119 View Post
I think this guy already won years ago...also 3rd prize is best prize
Can't wait to see some entries, but doesn't using special mods give you advantages?

It's also a part of the event to choose your mod.. there's no advantages because of a choosen mod. We judge the Dance itselfs.
ey where do we post teh replays xDDdddD

I need to post mine =/

I probably wont get in but I tired... For how tired, hungover and hungry I am
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