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A new Replay Maker - ChosenBaby
So First, since no one knows me.
I have been replay making for a while,
on my main account, which is now just for competitive play.
My replays were never that good,
then in about a day, I got ten times better.
It was all mental stuff, once I started telling myself
" I am going to make something epic." I noticed a huge difference. Everything came eaiser, I was able to get good openers.
So now, nuff bout me lets get to my replays.

Guide to My Replays

[HU] = Humor
[1] = 1 Shot (1 DMing attack)
[SD] = SplitCap [Decap and split]
[M] = Madman/Manipulation
[S] = Spar
[P] = Parkour
[T] = Tricking
[C] = Collab
[H] = Hacked (will be followed with another tag
e.g. [HM] = Hacked Madman)
Note For hacked: Normally I will put frames where hacked.


Lets start with A Madman.
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Your arm ghosted through your leg quite a few times, and your neck swung back and forth.

The flow was very slow before the first kick, but after that you did fine.
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I did actually make that replay a while ago,
I just edited it a bit, that's why its not great.
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opener was weird, especially when you launched uke towards yourself
the grab after the split broke your flow
abs kick was made using the shin, eh
ghosting around 335, you also kinda stopped there without getting yourself into a good position aside from the right leg for the jump
the two kicks to the upper body were pretty nice
punch thing was fine
Heres two new manips. Ones an edit of the other.
Srry for long names
just got this trick, can someone identify it for me?
if it is a real trick.
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#CB[Manip] I suck with names..rpl (269.9 KB, 19 views)
#CB[T]Seems Like A trick!.rpl (120.4 KB, 15 views)
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i suck with names:

nice opener execution, generic though
manip was quite slow, it needs improvement but it's pretty ok
head bruise
nice elbow dm, grab placement was kinda awful tho
decap looks nice though
transition to pose was really twitchy and slow
Another rpl
Yeah, took me the entire day to make this...
then saving it did not work, I only had the opener...
I think the kick is godly, I'm putting 200% into this replay,
what should I put in next? Funniest part about that replay
is I was clicking some joints then I spaced by accident so
it made that epic boom.
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#CB[1]Don't Offer Me Soup!.rpl (157.1 KB, 19 views)
Wip Of The Gods.rpl (76.7 KB, 12 views)
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