Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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(Lucky) The Lucky Application Center

If you wanna join just ask, and join our discord.

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Age: 15
Reason to join the clan: I want to be in a clan...xD

First Name: Simon

How much you play: It depends, in weekends alot, in weekdays also pretty much, but not quite as much as in the weekend

What can you do for this clan: I think i can help in clanwars.

How much you go on the forums: Everytime i play TB i have itopen in the background.

Do you have steam: Yup, me and Bigdogswag arefriend on there=3

What mods you are good at: Mushu, aikido and wushu

Are you willing to wait to join this clan: Yup!

Also what gender and race: Gender: Boy. Race: White. (why youwanna know racexD)
age: 16
Reason to join clan: because bigdogswag <3 (and i wanna be a leprechaun)
First name: mike
how much i play: erryday
what can i do for this clan: everything. :3
how much are you on the forums: every day multiple times a day
do i have steam: yee, im friends with bigdog
what mods am i good at: mushu, aikido, greykidp, judo
am i willing to wait to join this clan: kek
what gender or race: im white and i have a penis.
you're on thin ice, pal