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[WIP] Player statistics
Work in progress player statistics, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

Added online user statistics
Added tc, qi and spent tc rankings
Added most tc and most qi rankings
Added search capabilities
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As I told you, looks p nice man. It could be useful for the staff, and has potential to develop pretty well. #kul
Are you gonna use some css to style it up a bit, lookin pretty good could I probably help with the development of this? I know Html, Jquery, Css, and a little bit of Javascript.

Pm me

Channel - ok
This is very nice! Great Job. I would recommend adding more than top 10, maybe top 100?

Lots of things can be added depends on what you want this to be. You could add "Most user with wins for the day" etc..
Your messed up world enthrills me
Thanks, this is very useful. Interesting/useful for duelers to look at, well for the top 10 players lol. RIP GOZOBORO

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I get "site not available" though :C
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