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Henx's Sparring
Here the first replay

Check the last replays
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beautiful replay. like the way turns.
there was no those 'locked'.
really good.
although your partner have not been able to follow you, you are a good Sparrer :v
re: ztoure

I'll address both sparrers here.
Zeker - I really like your way of maintaining continuous spins & transitions after kicks/air-time. There weren't any unnecessary movements and everything looked smooth.
Touretto - You did a decent job of keeping up with the replay. You had a couple highlights during the replay and I'm sure if you keep at it a little bit longer, you'll be a godly sparrer. You certainly have all of the pre-requisites.

The replay as a whole was fun to watch. Good one, you two.

The insane spar

obs:he pinged :/
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Those spars are quite good, gj keep it up! If you want to improve maybe try doing more risky things, more air kicks and stuff