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I am making one of these due to request. this will be permanent,
replays on this post uploaded as an evolution thing. year 1 of rpl year 2 etc.
so worst to best rpls last rpls are best
comments are appreciated but you don't need to.
paint me is my first and only tricking rpl from way back when
there is a clean version of senojnayr with no self dm.
new things will be here im slow rpl maker sory
hi mushi
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#L - Power.rpl (286.3 KB, 30 views)
#L - Prone.rpl (175.7 KB, 28 views)
#L - obZen.rpl (273.0 KB, 27 views)
#L - Riddim (hax).rpl (294.0 KB, 23 views)
#L - Shits Epic.rpl (353.7 KB, 23 views)
#L - Warrior.rpl (243.3 KB, 26 views)
#L - Silver Tides.rpl (432.2 KB, 37 views)
#L - Scylla .rpl (311.9 KB, 42 views)
#L - Senojnayr.rpl (313.1 KB, 34 views)
#L - Paint Me.rpl (612.0 KB, 33 views)
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hi mushi

hi! and welcome back you absolute beast, each replay was unique and absolutely well executed as always of course but Scylla out of them all takes the top for me as for the tricking replay it pretty much left me speechless due to the fact that it was your first tricking replay "paint me is my first and only tricking rpl from way back when" yet it had such speed and all those cute stuff you managed to pull off in it, I personally think you should get into tricking and make mOre!11!1!

anyways glad you're back and got this thread up homebonez

also made this in 40 minutes
and made this in 20 while at a sleepover
thank you mused and static ur both qt
and other version of goldie idk which is better
and clean version of senojnayr
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#L - Goldie.rpl (279.3 KB, 61 views)
#L - DICKBUTTCHODE.rpl (170.8 KB, 28 views)
#L - Senojnayr c.rpl (340.6 KB, 25 views)
eatmyass.rpl (293.1 KB, 23 views)
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I miss aiona
rip mused
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666.rpl (507.0 KB, 76 views)
R.I.P Dog | mediocre at best
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ok.rpl (256.3 KB, 36 views)
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what are moths?
that manip was really really cool my dude

didn't enjoy anything past the decap, you lost all your momentum

should've just ended it there but still great job