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[Over][ES] For That Special Someone

Welcome everyone, to a special GM event that will win you the heart of that special someone.

Competition is getting tight this year. As Valentine's day approaches more and more people are buying gifts. But this year, we are going to change it up. We are tired of fluffy nice cards, and heart shape boxes of chocolates. We are tired of heart felt poems. We are tired of romantic dates in a heart shaped hot tub. This year, we want you. Yes. YOU. To come up with the perfect item that will steal the heart of your special someone.

We are looking to spice up Valentine's this year. So we want you guys to draw and plan out a new 3D or hair item that is innovative, fun, creative, and relates to Valentine's day. Remember be as clear and concise as you can. Therefore we can imagine and see how your item would look on a tori. You don't need crazy art skills, just show us a drawing of an item you would want to be sporting this Valentine's day. If you are victorious, your item will be made and you will be the first to receive the item.

Only one entry per person, no alts
The drawing can be hand drawn, done on your computer, or any other way you want to show us your idea using a picture
Must include: Picture of item, description of item, and name for item
We are looking for creative and fun names/descriptions so don't be afraid to take a leap of faith here
Item cannot be two items in one (e.g an item on the hand and the mouth) only on one body part as one item
No plagiarism
No collaborations

The GM Team

1st: x4 + Your Item!

2nd: x2 + Your Item!

February 25th 2016, GMT -5
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waraya benzine
<3 Chosen

Thou has't already been marked by thy lover.

-it's a cupid arrow in the butt
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So, i'm pretty sure everyone knows the whole "Arrow threw the head" gag, but what if we turned that arrow into a bit something more...say.. romantic?

Arrow through the head gag

Now, romanticize it!


Of course it looks awful plain when drawn by me, but with the items forgers handling it they can turn this zero to a hero.

Name: Valentine's Wrath

Description: Cupid's wrath will be felt throughout toribash, one thorn covered rose through the head at a time
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Here's my thing. If this is plagiarism because an orca already exists please tell me.

Yin And Yang The Love Orcas

These things won't go away even if you tell 'em. They will probably even take a dump up there. Romantic, isn't it?
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Of course, it could be made to fit better, but even now it ain't much of an obscurity.

To all the lonely manchildren out there.

Name is Cupid's Backup, or Love Diaper. Both work well.
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I was thinking of a right bicep armband, kind of like the GM armband, but with A heart and wings on it with Cupid arrows crossed in the middle.

Kinda like this :3

Maybe call it heart on your sleeve. open to name ideas. But yeah, might change it up from the barbed wire and doctors armband
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Love Struck
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Item Concept

Location of the item

not much to say about it other than its a heart with an arrow through it...
its adam and eve not banter with steve smh
Heart o' Wire
I though about the Polycount on this one aswell and made it look like a Homemade Gift (Large Image)

Heart o' Wire

I made something ugly :P Name: Shoot me wings
the concept is cupids wings or angel wings (which ever comes to mind first) kind of like the demon wings back in 2015 only ... nicer and romantic(er)
(sorry for the lack of detail no one every accused me of being good at drawing)

The thingy

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Basically a hat with a heart on top to represent valentine days
Name: Valentino's Heart on Top
Desciption:You know what's better than Uke?A Valentine!
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