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[Tex] WiP Jointed Set robotic Your Tipps!?
Ay! Making a New Jointed Set. I will be frequently posting Wips here and you guys can suggest some Additions to me to make the Set Awesome!



Wip 1 - Thigh's

Wip 2 - Hips

Wip 3 - Knees, Beginning with Legs , more Detailed Hips

Wip 4 - Ankles, Added more Details

Wip 5 - Revamped All Textures! foot beginning

Wip 6 - Feet Mapping Nightmare, Glutes Beginning

Wip 7 - Glutes, Abs beginning

Only Ingames from here on

Wip 8 - Abs finished, stomach

Wip 9 - Groin, Lumbar

Wip 10 - HEAD, J Chest,Chest

Wip 11 - Neck, J-pecs l/r, fixed some mapping

Wip 12 - More Details for Neck, jPecs, added breast

Wip 13 - Added Cool Shoulders

Wip 14 - Added Biceps and Elbows

Wip 15 - Added Details to Elbow, Added Triceps

Work Timer: ~35 hours yet
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That looks great so far i think for the head you should do something like your avatar
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splish splash Aeon is trash
semi cartoon i would say
and this text is only similar with the ones that 00assasin00 is making XD
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Not really the Same Colors :S His has Acid mine is .... ? Yellow idk if theres a TB Color for that but the Set will be recolorable