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[ART] 3D Unturned Rig Wip
I want to make a free C4D Unturned Player Rig and of course some Animations with it too.

I will keep this Thread updated with new Wips

Heres the First Wip with the Base untextured Model

Wip 1 Base Mesh

wip 2 Labeled UV Map

Wip 3 Eye Rig

Wip 4 Eye Expression

Wip 5 Mouth

Wip 6 Mouth Control Interfaces

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Looks pretty accurate, even if I haven't play the game a lot from what I've seen it looks close. Keep up the good work ^^
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looks just like it I believe, I dont play much so.
Believe head is bit bigger but idk

I can tell it is from unturned though.
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This is so cool, I think you should be a 3d modeler and start making your own new game!

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art in unturned is simple and you did pretty well, nice and clean uvs, try to clean up some of the template marks, it will help in texturing
@Ares hehe... yeah well create your own game , was my dream when i was little younger, i also tried to but there so many restrictions Modell wise and then theres the coding.... oh boy i cant learn to code properly in C# without the needed Time / Teacher.

I will stick with creating Animations/Art

@dengue not much need of cleaning up UV Marks as the original UV Map is the Accuarate one and i can simple overlay the colored one for navigation. There wont be much to texture anyways but maybe i will go back to making a 100% Accuarate Colored Map.
I made the Next Wip, The eyes have now been rigged with eyelid and Moving features with their own Interface!

Are you Interest in the Script? if so i will post a pic of it at some time
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Getting better every WIP :o
now if you do that cat face they have in game your a friend... haha
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Making those stiff mouth textures will be boring, in general you cant really animate with textures so the mouth wil be 3d. But i could make a selection interface for those mouths ingame
Also before moving to the mouth i need to make a feature for the eyes look angry and sad, just not sure how the script for that has to look like D:
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It is almost on point. I took a screenshot of the original character and idk if it is right because for me the hands need to be changed
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While you are right there 3 Things i decided to make the Arms slimmer.
1. It looks a little better/natural as it doesnt look like he has been lifting for his entire life time with an extreme amount of Steroids .

2. I may be wrong but i looks like the Mannequins found in Cloth Stores or in some Bathubs have thinner arms.

3. It will work better in Animations as theres not in every Frame Clipping, and some arm movements will look better.

While still trying to keep as much of the Unturned feeling it needs to be changed at corners in order to make it look better, especially as stated in the Face with the Mouth and Eyes not beeing a simple Texture
Next Wip! Eye Expression to make him look Angry / Sad

Turned out pretty well, just took me a little to think of a mechanic to make the Expressions move -B and +B with just rotating one Object... creating a little and Simpel Script worked pretty well for that

For the ones that are interested

There are some objects not shown and not really visible inside of the Head that kinda works as Cog Wheels to get the mechanic :P not really interesting though so i wont show it.

I guess i will move on to the mouth now... or maybe the Hair. If i will do the Mouth it will take a little longer as its more complex :S
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