Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Heyo im krisis13 and I would like to join and I could teach you some stuffs if ya want :>
(I teached my kunt Rogue how to make textures :>)

Some of my drawings: Potato drawings
Some of my textures: One, Two, Three, There's, a lot of things that i have made

I have been making art aka drawing for all of my life and i have been making textures for almost 2 years (Im 16 btw :>).

I'm a texture artist and now I make banners and such for the E Squad (drawing stuffz on paper too).

I use ps 6 for texture making and banners, headers. Indesign and Adobe Ilustrator I use for some other stuffz.

A little story huh? Oke.. Once upon a time there lived a little Moopy. He was a happy child until a BIG dragon came and ate him. The end.


Hey krisis, its good to have you.
Currently I have placed you under artist if you want to be placed under teacher head me up.

For the event: I updated the post with a sketch, it didnt bump as it was <24 since my last post. Anyhow if someone can spend 10 minutes improving it should hopefully grab more attention than now.
I truly believe the Pass it on thing can be a really cool experience as shown by the textures GATA used to make.
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Btw i'm a doodler and cartoony stuff artist too and i could make a tutourial for you if you want but gime a topic tho.


Alright I'll update it.
For your offer on making a tutorial, that would be fantastic, give me some time to think about a topic or we can could take a look in the request a tutorial thread. If you think of something yourself you can obviously do that aswell.
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Hello :{D

I use Photoshop CC 2015 practilly 99,9% when I'm drawing and rarelly i use paper. Just for school projects.

I started to draw as a kid but seriouslly, about 5 months ago I bought my lil' Wacom and now I'm just getting better and better.

But I think that as a adult I dont want to work as a painter or a guy that works at Disney ( Would be cool though ).

I like to draw when I have nothing to do and when i need some tcs and sht. And I like to do textures as most.

I alredy did some of wolves and re-painted some images so I can get better in this area.

And I dont even know why I still even writing, lol.

Ps: I like to do robotic things and some weird shit.

Here's my DeviantArt.

And that's pretty much it. I have some other ones like that.

But this one there, I was working on it but i just abandoned it because I was not liking the style, so I just made a new one.

And also the base it's not me that made it, i got a piece on DeviantArt, credits to the guy that made it ( I can't remeber his name now )

This is big wow, just stoping it now lel.
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I'm inactive, but either way, send me a message. I might see it! ;)
Hi, I do things on here.

I mainly make art with 2D anime/cartoon textures. I use Gimp 2.8 for my online art. That's basically the only thing i do. Besides sketches with pencil and paper.


Unfortunately, I will be unable to access the first and last image due to switching computers and not transferring them over. So till then, rip.

You want a story or summary of who i am? Or some story of my life? ILL GIVE YOU BOTH

So, in short, I am a senior in Highschool. I used to take a lot of art classes, but stopped once I saw how shitty it was in comparison to my girlfriend (Shes fucking ridiculously good i cant even). I also used to play the french horn, but had to quit because of my class schedule complications. Played it for five years. I enjoy watching anime here and there. And listen to music a lot while playing games on here, or Xbox/PlayStation. I have two dogs who are dumb af.

Dumb Story Time. So, when I was in marching band, we went to band camp for a week. And some very, weird things happen. I'll just let your mind roam. Homosexual Acts did happen.

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Hello, I am Turtle. Most of you know me by know or as DjTechno45. I am a Texture Artist and make art more frequently now. I am more into realism now so I have more of an area to improve. I use Krita as my program as well as Gimp. For my tools I use a small Wacom Tablet.
Here is some of my recent work.
Side Note: Headles, if you are still looking for a sketch to use on the event you can use my Squid Alien if you would like.


Half Human Half Alien

Helmet WIP


I am just an icon livin'
Hello, you can just call me mushashibo. make drawings and i'm into Cartoon/ anime-ish style. I also would like to learn about texturing/ animating. I use Macromedia Flash 8 for animating and Paint tool SAI for drawing.

Here's some of my works:


(stickfigure) animations

a texture i'm working on, pls cnc

I've been drawing since 8 years ago, when "naruto" aired in tv. I've been drawing the characters here and there and i got this way. As for animating, i recall it was 4 years ago , but never really been serious since i'm too lazy to do anything. I've just trying texturing this year becuase i know it's one of the easiest ways to make money, and i think i could just do.
@zVilche, Welcome I peronally quite like the style you draw in. Could you post some textures so I can also write you down as a texture artist.

@WeeoWeeo, Welcome

@Fruitcandy I am currently working on a tutorial on the basic of gimp myself. If you think you can teach or help people out with hand drawing and sketching that would be great.

@Turtle, Welcome. Thanks for letting me use your sketch. I already made a sketch myself but I think I might replace mine as yours has much more potentiall.

@Mushashibo, Welcome I advice you aswell to check Hyunsdojo for the stick animations. Post flats of your texture in the art thread and I will be sure to take a look at it.
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