Added contacts.
Will make group as soon as more people have posted their skype.
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i am join?

Apply please, you can find it in the first post
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Sup nerd
Something that i needed to make for school

Apocalyptic city

And my skype is: krisis.13


Looks great krisis, love the attention to detail and the shading.
What is on the flame though? Holes or, idk always though that the statue was solid.
Sup nerd
Skype is mackanak01, appears as Duft (Mack) Ponk. We should create a group chat.
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@Headless, I do have a Hyunsdojo account, people there are really helpful.

Also, here's my skype:
kris.antoni91, with a blue haired girl as the profile picture.
Headles the statue is not solid its like plated an the middle is hollow so there are holes on the front side of the flame and on the other side too.


Hello!^-^ Here are some of my work.
I have been making art for quite a while. I doodle on my notebook in class. And I just started making digital art 2 months ago(So technically I' am a noob) As of now, I use SAI paint tool. I really love art. It makes me happy to see wonderful creations created by people and see how creative their minds are. I personally want to do the same thing, to make people happy about my art and to inspire them. I just started creating art, and I really want to know more about it. So that's why I want to join this org, to learn from other people and share ideas ^-^