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What are bans and what to do if you get one

- Bans -

  • What are bans?

If a player receives enough infraction points, he will be banned. This is what happens to a banned account:

- Forum access limited to the Ban Appeals board (to contest the ban).
- Private messages remain available
- IRC remains available if no IRC ban was applied
- Ingame access restricted

The severity of a ban will vary depending on how many infraction points the user has added up.

  • I'm banned, what do I do now?

The first thing you will want to do is understand why you are banned. You should check your private messages or the "Infractions" section of your profile to find out more about your ban. If you believe that you don't deserve this ban, make a thread in the ban appeals thread (from the banned account) and explain yourself. Staff member will answer your thread and you might get unbanned. Do not make threads on other accounts in staff complaints! It will only lower your chances at getting unbanned!

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