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[Art] Weoo's Exotic Fruit
I got a drawing tablet recently, so I've found myself drawing fruit. Enjoy. PM me if you have any requests. Thanks

Painter, Sketchbook and Designer are the programs. Got infracted for not saying, which is stupid.

Banana Senpai

Apple with Sunglasses

Orange votes for the right man

grumpy tomato

sad fansy potato for k0hta NOT FRUIT

pear scared of shadow

Avocado (tried new program)

cherries for headles

derpy grape

peach for itemp



This was a lie. I have not made more since last updated in 2017. Sorry.
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really good stuff here bro. You could make a killing in avatars etc if you had a art shop

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I agree with the 7th void, open an avid shop. All of them look awesome, but that orange is badass with that Bernie sign!

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Thanks Guys. :P

Im still getting used to the tablet, and used a bigger brush to make the fruit. So it's a little blurry. Sorry about that. .-.

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Make an antisocial potato next.

The brown part of the Banana looks flat, maybe touch it up a bit to make it pop a bit more.
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Eyyyyyyyyyy this is pretty good bro! Banana-senpai in particular makes me giggle. :v


/me critical hat

There are things that must be mentioned. First of all though, i have to say that your lines are smooth as hell and i love that. Secondly, dat blur, as has been mentioned (although banana-senpai has a noticably less blurred outline). I can totally recommend using a harder brush for laying down the base colour, so you can get an outline more like the right and less like the left. Past that though, you can handily use softer brushes for the details and shading, which i'd even recommend if you're not going for a cel-shaded look. :v (i speak from experience, smooth gradients with a hard brush is HELL ON EARTH)

Also, me being who i am, i have to speak for more contrast in the shading. I see it done too carefully so many times, and while gentle shading does have its places, meatspace actually tends to have much darker shadows than what one thinks (ESPECIALLY with sunlight, because dear god our local star is one grossly incandescent motherfucker). While you don't have to go as extreme as completely black/white shading, look how much this guy (i'd like to call him a friend but i'm not sure we talk frequently enough for that) gets away with (tryptophobics, beware). It damn near spans the entire spectrum from black to white. Of course, metal tends to have extra high contrast (mostly in terms of reflections), but even things like fruits are going to have fairly dark shadows, so bweep bwoop.

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Oh My O.o

That's a lot of stuff. And very helpful stuff as well. im gonna try my best and make it less blurry. I kind of got lazy and used a big brush. >_< but shall not do so anymore. It means a lot coming from you too saying im doing good so far. Thank you for that. And thats some crazy shiz with your friend's art. I like it a lot.

I have a lot of work to do when it comes to shading and lighting. Thank you, shook. hopefully I get some time soon. Been working a lot.

"Dear reader, I hope this email finds you before I do."