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[B][S]ClubPengu's Buying/Selling Thread
Welcome to ClubPengu's Buying & Selling Thread!


Make sure that when you are selling me shit, that you check my QI and TC!

Selling anything in my Deactivated and Activated.
My active inventory is a bit harder to buy from but is possible.
I also have stuff in the market if you would like to bargin with me, or just simply buy.

Links To All My Inventory's

Current Tc: 37,000 < Will Sell For USD

Full 128x Body: 25k SOLD
My Zwesome Flame: 50k
Flame Particle Texture: 9k
Little Latching Elf: 11k Closed For Now
Kiai Sound: 1k
Vamp Relax: 3.5k
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My Buying And Selling Thread Is Located Here
Originally Posted by ClubPengu View Post
dude quit your horide lowballing, ill sell it all for 100k

Oh what basis did you come up with that ridiculous price? I'll pay 45K max
lol you wanted to lowball, so i will highball, 75k for everything. Or are you interested in anything else. If not, gtfo
My Buying And Selling Thread Is Located Here