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Tag suggestion threads that are (or will be) implemented
So there's that joke that nothing suggested here ever gets done. If the staff who decide on these things agree with a suggestion we make and it starts being worked on, the thread could be tagged as [Implementing]. Once it's finished, it'd change to [Implemented] (similar to the [Handling], [Handled] tags).

It's a small quality of life change. It'll allow us to see which suggestions are successful and to track their progress. I don't see a reason why this sort of transparency shouldn't be standard (unless devs feel like this would expose them).

As an aside, is there a central authority who decides whether a suggestion gets passed or not? Strong (active) leadership in the department would certainly make things run more smooth and efficiently. Right now it feels like there's no burden on anyone to respond to the community's suggestions. Having a central figure deciding these things would be a huge boon.
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No real central authority deciding. If an idea looks good (meaning it's well thought out, solves some sort of problem or adds quality of life, etc) though then it'll probably get posted about in the dev board by smods/admins/gms/CMs/msquad for further discussion and fleshing out of details and how it should be implemented. Quite a few ideas make it that far but unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of manpower available to do development.

I support this idea and I'd propose even an extra tag so we'd have:
[Elevated] - to signify that the idea has been taken to the devs
[Implemented] - to signify that an idea has been implemented

Of course as I said above, something being elevated is definitely not a guarantee that it will be implemented. Great ideas are often posted but are just too complex to get done with the dev capabilities we have. If that's what you mean by 'expose them' then yea I've never shied away from being a bit sad about the lack of dev power we have. But I'm all for transparency and I see no reason not to do this so I'll make a memo to the rest of the staff so they know too.
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I can see liteally no downsides to this, if anything it shows users that we really are listening and their ideas do get looked at and implemented.

a recent example would be the achievement thread that i keep
reviving,if i knew that work is been done or updates were posted
then i wouldn't have the need to keep on reviving it,i guess.
Reminding staff to update the thread tags when action has been taken (or is in the process of getting done). Maybe sticky a deleted/moderated note about this so no-one forgets again.