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A mod I put together and tested last saturday but only got around to bugfixing and screenshooting this afternoon

As many of you may know I have created mods for as long as a young teenager has been able to.
These days I have very little time and patience with Toribash so although this may not be my final mod(I do have a new concept in mind...) know that I am losing interest in this game.

This mod is rather special in the way that it is designed to be played within a thin frame of rules.
More on that below.


128 totally unique objects of which 16 are moveable!
Well balanced winconditions!
Challenging enviorments!
A very funky looking color effect (check the sand dunes)
Shaderless optimization
Set at dusk
Fun for the whole family!



How to play

The rules are fairly simple
Tori (Player 1) Plays as the special agent
Uke (Player 2) Plays as the diamond theif

Toris wincondition is do immobilize Uke by any means necessary.
That includes wrestling him to the ground to beating him to death with a plank.
Just make sure Uke doesn't get away with that huge huge diamond!

Ukes wincondition is to escape from Tori until the frames run out,
either by climbing to a high location or by sabotaging Toris path(most things that appear moveable are!).
You also have the option to make it to the sword before Tori does and slicing him anywhere on the body, killing him(sticks and stones won't break the special agents' bones).
Just make sure Tori doesn't get his hands on your precious gem!
Alternatively you may also choose to throw the diamond into the water, ending the game in a tie!

The mod is designed to be played around these rules but don't be scared of making up your own or simply playing it like any sparkour mod!

Big thanks to everyone who helped me playtest earlier stages of the mod and giving their opinions

As stated I am not new to creating envs so don't be afraid to complain about the pettiest detail

Leave your opinions below and try to
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Looks awesome! Tnx for this amazing mod, will try it out with my friends for sure ;)

Anyway, hope you are having a good day
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Originally Posted by jisse View Post
Thanks a lot Trestet, right back at ya'

Feel free to use this for any events you may come up with

Hehe tnx ;)
Hello, I am part of the Event Squad team. If you have any questions or want to apply for ES, send me a Private Message!
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TyphoN is superior to me <3
Oh god, this is just amazing, a great story idea to go with it as well, great job, bro man, I'll probably try it out later o7
I love this mod so much. The color scheme is one of few that actually look colorful rather than dull. Not to mention the design overall being spectacuar. The only problem I have is the difficulty. Seeing as this is a mod that probably is aimed at multiplayer, you're gonna have a hard time nailing this without editing. While the concept is extremely cool i just feel as if you could have made it easier if multiplayer parkour was what you were going for. I'm currently working on it in singleplayer and I'm loving every single bit of it. The placement of objects is amazing and really leaves the path you go for your mind to decide. Here's a wip.
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Nice man, looks amazing. I enjoy that you put up game-rules etc. to make a goal for your mod. Makes it easier to enjoy!

Please don't stop. Du har talang!
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Hey thanks guys I really appreciate it! :)

Adressing the difficulty issue; it is supposed to be tough, playing maps where you have to focus and think about your actions are way more satisfying in my opinion, even when you fail spectacularly. I generally create maps I could see myself playing and this is the way I want my gaming experience to be and I'm sure I'm not the only one using videogames as a chance to focus.
Also this hones your skill and should provide a challenge for all types of players, veterans or newbies.

Amazing replay Mack, keep going!
Du har blivit bra mycket duktigare sedan jag såg dig spela senast. Fortsätt!
This is just amazing! One of my new favorites <3
colors are nice and moveable objects are great to do traps for ur partner
or use them to get away!

i wish you would make mods more often.

fint! (yeah i have horrible swedish :3)
This has got to be one of thee greatest and creative mods ive seen in a long time, well done jisse you have a good talent
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