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Slight Changes to Hair Models
My suggestion is very slight addition to hair, which is the ability to remove the hair texture from hair. The main reason for this is due to colouring problems.

When using darker colours, or colours ranging from red to yellow, the hair texture blends in very well. However, when using colours like pure or pharos, the hair is extremely discoloured. Unless im missing something, there is no way to change this.
This is also a big concern because of Gentleman's Essentials, which isnt really hair. its a hat. A black hat, yes. However, changing the colour to a grey (or anything else really) can go well with some sets, but the hair texture gets in the way.
Santa hat has no hair texture. Why not gentlemen's hat?

There should be a way to turn it off so you can have the colouration you want with your hair, without the hair texture being weird.

You're probably going to say i can delete the texture from the uke folder. I dont want it to be removed from everything. I only want it removed when it gets in the way of the normal colours. Sometimes the texture looks good. Just not always.

This is pure hair
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There is indeed an option to disable this
I think in options its called hair shader or something.

I guess it's not what I thought it is huh.
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There is indeed an option to disable this
I think in options its called hair shader or something.

I tested hair shader. It kinda just changes the lighting, and makes the hair more polygonal. The texture remains there.
The only other think i might be able to do is just delete the texture from the Tori folder, unless the texture is added to your custom folder when you equips certain hairs.
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Alright, this is a bit of a continuation of what i was talking about before.

This is the current hair texture. it's yellow, so any light colour is mixed with yellow, and it looks weird with some colours.

This is what i believe the hair SHOULD look like as default.
I will be doing this in my tori custom folder, but i would like this to be the default.
I want to look like a super saiyan god when i have pharos hair. not like i failed to dye my hair blue

Looking back at the colours, Sphinx, Superfly and Juryo look the closest to the current default. I rarely see people using the default colours, anyway, so i guess this doesnt matter
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Makes sense


Lets see if hampa agrees...

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Beauty should be default.
Im sure people have done this already, or at least have deleted their hair textures.
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Will get that desaturated texture version included in the next game client update unless someone is willing to make a texture that wouldn't look hella bad with hair.
yeah I really don't know why this isn't a thing

it's very frustrating to not get the color you want/need for certain sets and stuff. I had a lot of anger towards my cat ears in the past because of their coloration

How about this? It adds a lot of detail to daimyo hat, but in the hair its very subtle.


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I can't see individual strands very well, maybe a tad darker?
Could I get screens for the darker texture too?
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