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[eVo] Assassin Hideout

eVo Assassin Hideout

In the darkness they lurk, skilled practitioners of the art of sparring. We train in competitive sparring and take on the sparers of Toribash in 1v1 battles. We are small in numbers but shall grow. We accept Realistic and traditional styled sparers who love the thrill of a good hunt.


The Brotherhood

What Is A Comp Spar

Want to apply as an Assassin? Go to the Council.

Assassin Council

Want to Check out videos put out by the Hideout? Go Here!

Hideout Video Shack

Reply below to be added to the Assassination Hit-List or put someone on the hitlist.

OR just stop by to say hi!

Rules of Contracts

Who is Grand-Master Assassin Matarika?

Hit-List Contracts

Contract List

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