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[REL] Haunted Yard Spar
Hello everyone, I'm back with a new mod "Haunted Yard Spar". This time it's a spar mod that I created for the HH event that ended while ago. The mod is a yard of a house, with some stuff such as an open grave, gravestones, deck of the house, pair of weapons for you to use and etc. I tried to give you guys a lot of cool stuff to interact with while sparring.


Warning HUGE Screenshots

Weapons: Bone and a plank

Some examples for their usage

Destructables: 3 gravestones, barricaded window and a zombie

How the zombie is/works

Comments and cnc is welcome and highly appreciated.
I'd also love to see what you have got done in the mod so you can post or link some replays here for me to watch. :) Have fun with the mod \o/
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Joop yet again you have smashed it mate... everything looks amazing especially love the bone sword and the destructable zombie can't wait to play around on this.

- Blu -
Here ya go, joope. Tried to
use my surroundings to my advantage, ha
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Sounds good , I'll check it out on sunday (can't access pc till then)


That was a really nice self spar, you kept nice distance between you and uke for continuous combat, the ko spot was real nice, also loved the zombie kick in the end
just slightly disliked the way you land from the kick to uke in frame 1550
Great replay!
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