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Space on first turn
You're in a room and #1 in the queue. The previous match's replay is playing. You try to press space to skip the replay. As you are are pressing space the replay ends and the next match begins, skipping your turn.

It happens quite often and can be very frustrating with competitive matches and long queues.

This wouldn't be an issue if players were unable to skip their turn until they have clicked their tori (like how you idle if you haven't clicked your tori).
I'm supporting this idea with the addition of possibly making this count for the first turn only. It can be tedious and confusing to have to click your tori at the end of a match continuously when both of you are basically just trying to space it out.

Accidental first turn spacing has been a thing in Toribash for a long time and I think many players would be very grateful for the implementation of this rather simple solution.
An alternative to this would just changing the key to pass to the next match, so there isn't a key overlap on skipping the replay and skipping a turn.
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Cool suggestion for a nice quality of life feature. The devs will take a look at it once their current cycle is done.
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I aggree with grohenbird because I get so pissed when that happens to me, sometimes it can be an advantage, but when we are dueling it really sucks.
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