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want to join?

nxy is recruiting!

i'm sure that you are visiting this page to either check what this clan is all about and how we do our recruitment or you actually would like to join nxy.
well the question is are you looking for a clan that is chill-axed and away from all the bullshit?
then this is the clan you should look into joining... we aren't inactive, we have our own talents such as replay making and competitive plays and we are family.

nxy is looking for people who are quick-witted, vigilant, loyal, who can start a long lasting conversation and who is active on the forums.
we don't focus on how many clan wars you have won in the past, we don't focus on what clans you have been in, if you are a cool person who i can talk to and if have any talents within the forums or in-game then i might consider inviting you.

for the application you will write, it will have to be free formatted, so you write down what YOU think is necessary.
if you be a fool and copy/paste your free formatted application to different clans and to this one, i can and will find out.
the voting system will be a simple yes or no with a reason to it.
clan members can vote, but it is mostly up to the clan leader (max) who is and is not invited.

good luck.
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my name in games is saych I'm 14 years old I play since the end of 2018 I'm 2rd black belt I play all the time from 16:00 to 22:30 the week and from 10am to 5am the weekend my caratere I am serious when it is necessary and funny when it is necessary it is hudsteur who advise me to join your team of base I am French but I understand English well enough

here is my application I hope I would accept bye
i amI m boy

i am french