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Q:What's a 'usertitle?'

A usertitle is the next that appears directly beneath someone's username on the forums. Usertitles look like this:

A usertitle

Q:What are usertitles even for?

1. Postcount Titling:

Usertitles are, by default, used to rank a user's post count.

Posting in most areas of the forums will increase your total post count (see it under your avatar).

Once you reach a certain number of posts, your default usertitle will change. Unless you have a custom usertitle which overrides these automatic titles, your title will be set by these post thresholds:

UsertitlePost Count
Junior Member0
Senior Member500
Flagrant Meme9001

2. Staff group indication:

Certain staff groups will have an automatic usertitle which overrides the default post rank title. Clan Squad, for example, has theirs overridden by Clan Squad. You might have noticed a lot of them have crazier titles though - that's covered next.

Q:Some people seem to have crazy usertitles! What are these for?

Usertitles can be manually overridden to be customized. This can be achieved in three ways:

1. Forum VIP subscription

Users who purchase Forum VIP [INFO HERE] can override their default title and set their own custom one. Limitations apply, and html is not available via this method.

3. Usertitle Shop

There is a dedicated shop [HERE] for setting your own usertitles. Some styling is available through this method.

3. Admin set

Administrators can override usertitles on anybodies accounts. By special case, or through purchase [INFO], admins can do all kinds of stuff with usertitles.
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