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So I'm looking to buy a new gaming headset, I want the microphone to be quite clear and the sound to be good enough while playing CS:GO and ArmA 3 and also to listen to music.

My Budget is around $60-$70 (maybe $80)

I looked at the Logitech G430 and I think it would be a good idea to get that but I need people's opinions.
I'd suggest going for HyperX Cloud, been user of it for over 2 years and as long time gamer I gotta say, it's the best headset I've had in my life. Noise cancellation is on point, it sits around ears super comfortably and the sound quality is top notch.

I believe it's around 100$ for the moment so you might have to save up a little more, but honestly it's worth every dollar.
^^ Thanks but I bought the Logitech G430. You do have to download a Firmware Update and Mute the microphone in the Speakers but other than that it is a pretty good headset.