You never applied man. Application dosent have to be long.

Also thank you for reminding me. Swammy2, Winter, and Bleedhound added to the list.
Selling/buying tc or items? PM Flow!
i see so no rank adjustments or anything just plain af and we have thanatos on the art sounds cool my dude.
I wanna join the lenshu team cause I play lenshu a lot
Uh Ive been playing tb since 2009/2010 and my main mods have always been ninjutsu and lenshu
Of course im lame and my favorite lenshu mod is lenshu3ng
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Darkbind accepted. Been homies with this guy for quite awhile in the lenshu server, hes pretty good and a lot of fun to play with.

Welcome man!
Selling/buying tc or items? PM Flow!
- The reason you want to join the Team.
- Brief history of your Toribash experience.
- Favorite variation of Lenshu.

hi my nam gent. i master blet and am platinum tear. i play leshnu for long time. i jon game toribash in 2008 and enshu one of my first mod (along with the akido). i enjoy lenshi becuase it best mod! very good casual. and very good esportsing! i learn competitive leshmnu in 2015 from leeder of Aeon: Hattersin. after some time i begin duel lesnhu with friend and family. now a day i enjoy play in public server and you can catch me (like a ball haha xD) in lenshu server in evening.

i want jon tl clan because share interest. i wnant to improve skill. and teach newwer peopel what it is i kno.

my favorite version of mod lneshu3d.mp3

thank for time. i relly like this clan!
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- The reason you want to join the Team.:Well I'm not really good at lenshu and i wondered hey why not finding someone to help you maybe it could be cool and then i randomly found your team. which is cool.

- Brief history of your Toribash experience.:Well hum i joined the game and hum it's a cool game idk man it's just a game where you fight not much to say hehe but yea found lenshu recently and i like it but striking is hard

- Favorite variation of Lenshu.: lenshu3ng.tbm because it's the one that everyone uses and its cool with the big dojo and stuff permits you to make comebacks
Find me ingame and duel me