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[REL] Sparkour Temple of Dawn
Two rivaling explorers have located the mythical Temple of Dawn, supposedly created millenia ago by a sun-worshipping pygmy civilization. By freak accident they both arrive at the exact same time, but only one will leave with the legendary treasure located in the temple's main chamber. Little do they know the ancient builders of the temple valued heat and light - the purest forms of energy - over any gold or precious stones.

The original mod was only supposed to be a study of light for another project I am working on, but I liked the look of it and decided to include some gameplay elements. As you can see I spent a lot of time and resources making the lighting feel immersive to the extent that Toribash allows.
A trap lies behind the temple doors, should any who touch it be unworthy they will not live to tell about it. Also throw some rocks at them while your opponent is standing outside for any instant win >:-)


128 objects, 12 moveable
Easy/intermediate level challenge
The possibility to get incinerated
Alternative winconditions



As always all types of critizism and comments are greatly appreciated. Do not hesitate to tell me what you think about the idea and the execution.

A glitch that only occured in MP has been detected and fixed. It had something to do with the ghost (still) not working properly

Have fun :)
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I love the idea of this and the atmosphere is gorgeous. That huge sun in the background looks very cool. However, I believe the environment is a bit blocky. Seeing some more refined shapes would be pleasant. Maybe make it a more basic mod when it comes to objects of gameplay importance and use those objects for nicer looking, but ultimately fewer obstacles. Nevertheless I am very impressed by the atmosphere this mod brings, which I can easily tell was your main objective.
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Good catch Mack

Creating the playspace was tough and I must admit I did much of it on autopilot

Thank you very much guys
Really nice but seems more like aesthetics than actual playablility. unless there's something im missing
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Promised i'd do something now didn't i. Made a quick thing for tori's route, took like 30 minutes so excuse shittyness, and also keep in mind the rust x)

Fun af mod. Might try out uke's path. That rope swing looks fun as fuck.

Lovely scenery and great mod like always jiss
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