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Death Godz Recruitment!

Ok this is a new clan so I will keep it simple, don't join unless you are a blue belt and have not recently (3 days) left a clan, no alt accounts, if you are suspected of being in alt you will be denied.

Your application must include age, hobbies, friends in or out of the clan, and your history with Toribash. Please try to keep this concise and packed with information, when you are done we will respond, after a discussion. Check back to see our comments.
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Name: Collin
Age: 13
Belt: Black
Hobbies: Drums, Beatboxing, Video Games, Browsing the Internet
Personality: Shy at first, but once you get to know me im really outgoing and CRAZY!
Friends: CuteDogGM (N/C)
Old Clans: Roulette, Potatos
How long have i had it: Since Sept. 26 2014
Activity Rate: On forum all week: on toribash weekends (When school isn't killing me)
Anything Else: i have an alt account named Frosty12124 which is green belt.